Hindustan Petroleum Fuel pump gas station india

Hindustan Petroleum Fuel pump gas station india

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  1. India has plenty of limestone to make into gasoline!

    YOU GOTTA HAVE MONEY TO MAKE MONEY! All I have is an inventive idea to make 60% of the money that idea makes money by…
    This is how to chemically convert 8 Methane gases, or 8 molecules of Limestone, or 8 molecules of Potash Rock, into 1 molecule of synthetic Octane gasoline.
    -1) You may start by electrolysing Methane gas, as described in & after line 3)!
    0) Chemically react 8 molecules of Limestone 8(CaCO3) (that’s 3 Oxygen / Carbon) or 8 molecules of Potash Rock 8(KCO3) (again that’s 3 Oxygen / Carbon), with 8 molecules of Hydro-Chloric acid 8(H2Cl) getting 8 atoms of Methane gas!
    1) The H2Cl is composed of 2 Hydrogen, from 1 saltwater molecule (H2O), and 1 Chlorine, from 1 salt molecule (NaCl), 8 times, to make just 1 Octane gasoline, C8!
    2) Electrically seperate the Carbon from the 3 Oxygen and environmently dump the Oxygen!
    3) The Carbon, called Methane, is then electrolysed into Ethane!
    4) The Ethane is then electrolysed into Butane!
    5) The Butane is then electrolysed into Octane!
    6) The Octane gas is then condenced into Octane gasoline, Jet Fuel! Jet Fuel can combust as regular gasoline now that fuel is INJECTED straight into the combustion chamber!
    7) The 8 Carbons, that compose Octane gasoline, are produced along with 8×3=24 free floating Oxygen! Note that GreenPeace?
    8) I know how to make synthetic Octane gasoline from 1) Methane gas and from 2) Limestone, CaCO3, and from 3) Potash rock, KCO3!
    9) Synthetic Octane gasoline combusts the least (8) Carbon per combustion, only 40% of Regular gasoline! Regular gasoline usually has 20 Carbons / molecule! Using Jet Fuel only releases 40% the Carbon of Regular gasoline! We can go even better than that by liberating 3 Oxygen / Carbon, or 24 Oxygen / molecule of Octane gasoline made! Note that GreenPeace?
    10) I don’t want to sound like a religous fanatic that’s why I’m waiting until I’ve gotten this patented before I announce to the world I had been visited by my brother Robert M. B. Smallwood and my grandfather Josepth R. Smallwood and Poppy Joe explained to me how to make gasoline from 5 NfLb. resources! 1] NfLb. Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) 2] NfLb. Hydro-Chloric acid made from Atlantic water (H2O) and 3] NfLb. Chlorine from mined salt (NaCl) 4] NfLb. hydro-electricity, 5] NfLb. Human-capital! Remember that today 1) Churchill Falls, 2) Muskrat Falls, 3) That other failure and 4) to extract the wavepower from our South Coast represent the culmination of the greatest hydro-electrical power on earth!
    11) There isn’t any chemical isolation of Chlorine that is isolated from the Sodium because, after the Hydro-Chloric acid reacts with the Limestone, the Chlorine is freed to the Ocean and rejoin the Sodium! The Chlorine can unite with the Calcium as (CaCl) until it reaches the Ocean and the Sodium takes over as (NaCl)!
    12) Likewise there are 3 Oxygen in the Limestone. The Oxygen that unites with the 2 acid Hydrogen, are matched by the Oxygen that is liberated from the water, liberating the 2 Hydrogen found in the Hydro-Chloric acid! The environment stays inbalance! How? You create the acid from H2O and then create H2O back from the two hydrogen joining 1/3 of the 3 Oxygen!
    13) In Alberta they have Potash Rock instead of Limestone. But Potassium Carbonate acts much the same as Calcium Carbonate! But you have to be careful not to breath in any Potassium because you’ll suffer a stroke or heart attack just like those ducks who died at the door entering a Suncor building or GreenPeace abjector who died trying to hide under work clothes at the entrance into the Suncor building!
    14) For your funding my patent proving experiment, costing an estimated $5,000 to $20,000, I’ll exchange it for 40% of my patent! This patent will be in hot demand to rent by American oil companies and throughout the world by foriegn oil companies wanting a sure and safe way of chemically converting 1) 8 Methane gas 8(C) and 2) 8 Calcium Carbonate 8(CaCO3) and 3) 8 Potassium Carbonate 8(KCO3) into synthetic Octane gasoline (C8) plus 24 Oxygen! 40% of that patent and I only can spend it on the experiment, will be worth Millions or Billions of dollars! You can be sure I want to get 60% of the patent!
    Yours Truly William (Roy Whiteway) Smallwood 01-709-834-9700

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