Nationalization, fracking ban part of UK Labour’s plans 🔓

The UK’s energy companies could be nationalized and a full ban on fracking implemented if the Labour Party’s leader, Jeremy Corbyn, wins the general election on June. 8, according to a document leaked late Wednesday.

The draft election manifesto reviewed by Kallanish Energy on Thursday states Labour’s energy policy is built on three “simple” principles: to ensure security of energy supply and ‘keep the lights on’; to ensure energy costs are affordable for consumers and businesses; to ensure the transition to a low carbon economy meeting the party’s climate change targets.

“The UK energy system is outdated, expensive and polluting. Privatization has failed to deliver an energy system that delivers for people, businesses or our environment,” said the supposedly official document, which was first published by local media the Mirror and The Telegraph.

On Thursday, Corbyn said an “amended” version would be published “in the next few days.”

“Labour will ban fracking. To allow fracking would lock us into an energy infrastructure based on fossil fuels, long after the point in 2030 when the Committee on Climate Change says gas in the UK must sharply decline,” it said.

Other energy pledges in the draft include:

  • Introduce an immediate emergency price cap to ensure the average duel fuel household energy bill remains below £1000 ($1,288) per year;
  • Insure 60% of the UK’s energy comes from low or renewable sources by 2030;
  • Return energy to public ownership to “deliver renewable energy, affordability for consumers, and democratic control, with at least one publicly-owned energy company in every region of the UK;
  • Place the grid and distribution networks under central government control;
  • Support additional nuclear projects (both new build and decommissioning) and protect nuclear workers’ jobs and pensions;
  • Legislate the enforcement of “highest modern standards” for ‘zero carbon’ buildings. They will have to generate as much energy onsite as used for heating, hot water and lighting.

The 40-plus-page document also rules out a “no deal” Brexit, stating the UK would stay in the European Union and retain its access to Euratom.

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  1. How stupid are government officials and the general public? Do they realize that if you cannot produce your own energy requirements or maintain competition between your energy suppliers you become a CAPTIVE of your energy supplier. Does Great Britain really want to be beholden to Russia or Saudi Arabia for its energy needs? The Government prevented Gazprom from buying Centrica some years back, but now the Government would potentially force Centrica to be dependent on Gazprom for gas and / or oil supplies?

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