Scotland outpaces UK on ban of fossil fuel cars

The government of Scotland announced Tuesday it plans to ban new gasoline and diesel cars by 2032 – eight years earlier than proposals made by the UK’s Westminster government, Kallanish Energy reports.

In July, UK Prime Minister Theresa May set out targets to phase out the sale of new fossil-fuels cars by 2040 to help the country to meet its climate change commitments. Environmental groups have called for Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, to outpace May’s plan and “do it earlier.”

“The transition from petrol and diesel cars and vans to electric and other ultra-low emission vehicles is underway and gathering pace; we intend to put Scotland at the forefront of this transition to help stimulate economic activity,” Sturgeon said.

The official said Scotland will become the inventor and producer of the technologies that will shape the future, not just a consumer of them. To help achieve that, work will begin this year to establish a Scottish National Investment Bank.

“We’ll champion the development of clean energy. The North Sea is potentially the largest carbon storage resource anywhere in Europe,” the Scottish government said, adding it’s committed to securing future investment in carbon capture storage (CCS).

Sturgeon is introducing a Low Emissions Zone in Scotland’s four biggest cities by 2020, with the first one planned to start by year-end. Its location will be announced shortly. The plan will be implemented in all other Air Quality Management Areas by 2023.

Jenny Hogan, deputy chief executive of trade association Scottish Renewables, welcomed Sturgeon’s plans, noting he focus on ultra-low emission vehicles will help move the transportation system to one powered increasingly by renewables.

"The announcement of £60 million ($78.21 million) to deliver cutting-edge low-carbon energy infrastructure like electricity battery storage and sustainable heating systems will build on the success of projects already announced under the Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme and further enable our shift to a cleaner, greener economy,” she added. 

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  1. What a complete load of tokenism. Just to be seen to be better that England with something that the SNP will never have to be held to account. In the meantime hospitals are crumbling and our kids are being poorly educated. How does the Scottish Government expect Scotland to “become the inventor and producer of the technologies that will shape the future” when we can’t give a proper education to our children. SNP – focus on the here and now not this fluffy bull.

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