GE launches 4.8 MW onshore wind turbine

GE Renewable Energy on Tuesday launched its largest turbine to date, the 4.8MW onshore wind turbine, designed to reduce the cost of energy for customers at low to medium wind-speed sites, Kallanish Energy learns.

The new 4.8MW wind turbine, GE’s first onshore entry in the 4MW category, is equipped with a 158-meter (518-foot) rotor and a range of tip heights up to 240 meters (787 feet).

The combination of a larger rotor and tall towers enables the turbine to take advantage of higher wind speeds and produce more energy.

Pete McCabe, CEO of GE’s Onshore Wind Business, said the 4.8–158 design is an important next step in turbine technology and efficiency.

“It’s well suited for low to medium wind-speed regions worldwide — examples include Germany, Turkey and Australia — as well as for mechanisms like (power) auctions, as countries around the world are putting an increased emphasis on lowering the cost of energy.”