EIA: Irma cut electricity to 64% of Florida customers

Hurricane Irma cut power to nearly two-thirds of Florida’s electricity customers, according to the Energy Information Administration.

It reported 6.7 million customers, or 64% of all customer accounts in Florida, lost power during the hurricane. As of Sept. 19, roughly 100,000 remain without electricity, Kallanish Energy reports.

Hurricane Irma also knocked out power to 1.3 million customers in Georgia and close to a half-million in other states, EIA said.

The number of people actually impacted is far greater because more than one person may be covered by a single electricity bill.

At the height of the storm on Sept. 11, there were 12 Florida counties that had 90% or more of their electricity customers without power, the federal agency said. The outages peaked at 3 p.m. on that day.

Five days after Irma made landfall, the share of customers without power has fallen from 64%, to 18% (a recovery rate of about 9% per day), the agency said.

Yet one week after landfall, four hard-hit counties in southwest Florida still had more than 20% of their electricity customers with no power, EIA said.