GFG plans to boost UK renewable power generation

The GFG Alliance, including Liberty Steel and Simec Energy, tells Kallanish Energy’s sister publication Kallanish it has major plans to increase its renewable power generation capacity in the UK.

Simec Energy has entered into an unconditional agreement to acquire Green Highland Renewables (GHR), a “green power” developer and generator, from Ancala Partners.

The company has also announced its plans to build 1,000 megawatts of renewable power generation capacity in the UK within three years.

This supports fellow GFG company Liberty Steel’s ambitious target to develop five million metric tonnes of low-carbon so-called Greensteel production in the UK within five years.

Both objectives support the UK Government’s “clean growth,” vision which is a key part of the newly-launched Industrial Strategy.

The purchase of GHR from Ancala Partners includes 18 hydroelectric power stations in the Scottish Highlands and a team of 17 engineers, operators and designers.

In addition to the 18 existing power stations in GHR, SIMEC says it will develop another eight hydropower plants on its Lochaber Highland estate lands, with the planning process due to start in 2018.

SIMEC is already one of the UK’s largest hydro power operators, including in its portfolio the Lochaber and Kinlochleven stations with a total capacity of over 100 MW.