Energy Prices

Keeping you informed with the daily energy markets, we update the energy prices on this page daily, by 09:00 GMT.  In addition to the daily prices below we also have charts from the EIA for the Weekly FOB Spot Prices for WTI Crude Oil and Brent Crude Oil and Weekly Henry Hub Natural Gas Spot Prices.


Today’s Energy Prices:

CommodityFebruary 14 2018February 19 2018% Change    
WTI Crude Oil$61.34$61.68+0.55%
Brent Crude Oil$64.33$64.84+0.79%
Natural Gas$2.58$2.56-0.86%
Heating Oil$1.89$2.56-0.86%

Weekly Henry Hub Natural Gas Spot Prices

Weekly Crude Oil in Dollars per Barrel Spot Prices

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