China’s nuclear plant planning, construction on track

China will complete construction of five nuclear nucleareactors and start construction of eight more in 2017, according to plans released by the country’s National Energy Administration (NEA).

Planning for an additional eight reactors will also move forward in 2017, World Nuclear News reported.

In its Energy Work Guidance Opinion for 2017, NEA said construction will be completed on the Sanmen 1 and Haiyang 1 (Westinghouse) AP1000 units, the Taishan 1 EPR and the Fuqing 4 and Yangjiang 4 CPR-1000 units. These, together with “other projects,” will add roughly 6,410 megawatts-equivalent (MWe) of nuclear generating capacity, it said.

NEA said it will actively promote the construction of “qualified” nuclear power projects and there would be an orderly approval of coastal projects. There will be continued implementation of major nuclear power science and technology projects to promote the construction of the high-temperature gas-cooled demonstration project in Shidaowan in Shandong Province.

It also said it would “prudently” promote the preliminary work of small reactor demonstration projects and “actively explore the comprehensive utilization of nuclear energy.”

The NEA plans to start construction of eight units this year, but it did not name them or state the type of reactors they will feature, Kallanish Energy finds.

Preparatory work is also to be carried out this year on a further eight units. Together with other projects, these will add 9,860 MWe of nuclear generating capacity.

NEA also said China will promote the export of its nuclear power technology, including planned construction of units at Karachi, Pakistan, as well as promote the implementation of the Hualong One reactor design in the UK.