Eclipse Resources sets new lateral record 🔓

 Move over, Purple Hayes 1H and Great Scott 3H wells.

Pennsylvania-based Eclipse Resources has drilled a new record-setting super-lateral in Ohio’s Utica Shale, Kallanish Energy reports.

The Outlaw C 11H well in Guernsey County has a total measured depth of 27,750 feet and a lateral extension of about 19,500 feet, drilled in 17 days.

It’s reportedly the longest onshore lateral in the world, as Eclipse Resources continues to develop so-called super-laterals. That well is in the company’s Utica Shale condensate area. In general, longer laterals mean more pay zone for drillers.

The new well topped the 19,300-foot lateral completed last month at the Great Scott 3H well and the 18,544-foot Purple Hayes IH well that was drilled in early 2016. The Purple Hayes well cost about $15.8 million to drill.

All three wells are in Guernsey County in east-central Ohio.

The Great Scott 3H and Outlaw C 11H wells are expected to begin completions in the third quarter 2017, said chairman, president and CEP Benjamin Hulburt, in a statement.

Eclipse has also turned to sales its seven-well Moser pad in Ohio’s Monroe County.

Those wells are located in the Utica’s dry gas window and are producing about 100 million cubic feet of natural gas per day collectively, the company said.

The company also completed its first two Marcellus Shale condensate wells and the company may start developing that area in Q3 2017. Hulburt predicted the company’s production in third quarter 2017, would likely exceed 350 million cubic feet-equivalent per day.