ComEd hoping to pass tax savings to customers

Electric utility Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) has filed a petition with the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) seeking approval to pass along roughly $200 million in tax savings to its customers in 2018.

If approved by the ICC, the average ComEd residential customer can expect to see an estimated $2-$3 decrease on their monthly bill related to the tax reduction, Kallanish Energy understands.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), signed into law on Dec. 22, and effective on Jan. 1, decreased the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21%, reducing the amount of federal income tax ComEd will have to pay.

A new rate case process, established by the Illinois General Assembly in 2011 with passage of the Smart Grid law, ensures cost savings such as these are passed on to ComEd customers.

The ICC is moving to oversee the process so customers can obtain the lower costs beginning in the first quarter 2018, rather than 2020.

“ComEd is able to promptly provide Illinois customers with the benefits of the federal tax reduction as a result of the fast action of the Illinois Commerce Commission and the new rate case design introduced by the Illinois General Assembly in the 2011 Smart Grid law,” said Anne Pramaggiore, ComEd president and CEO.

Assuming approval by the Commission, ComEd will begin to reflect the benefits of the tax savings as early as first quarter 2018 through reduced costs on bills.

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  1. two things i can't stand about the new tax bill

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