Port of Vancouver votes to end lease for oil-by-rail terminal

The Port of Vancouver, Wash., commission this week voted 3-0 not to renew Vancouver Energy’s lease on property for its proposed crude-by-rail facility if the project does not have all required permits and licenses by March 31.

This move is expected to effectively end the project, Desmog.com reported.

Momentum for the vote began in November when Don Orange joined the port commission. Orange promised to oppose Vancouver Energy's planned construction of the largest oil-by-rail facility in the country.

This week's vote follows a recommendation by Washington State’s Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council in November that Governor Jay Inslee reject the proposed project.

Inslee still needs to make a final decision regarding the facility, Kallanish Energy learns.

“We’re obviously disappointed in the outcome,” Vancouver Energy general manager Jared Larrabee told the (Vancouver, Wash.) Columbian newspaper of the commission's vote. “We certainly have to weigh the different options that are out there, but we’re doing that and looking forward to doing that.”

Environmental advocates cheered the decision. “Today's vote highlights what people here and across the Pacific Northwest have been saying for years. We will not become just another polluted oil town,” said Rebecca Ponzio, director of Stand Up To Oil Campaign.

 “This should be a signal for communities across the country, the oil industry does not get to decide your future. Together, people are always more powerful than the money of oil companies.”

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