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Greylock Energy offers something new, something old

February 20, 2018 0

West Virginia-based Greylock Energy has something new and something old. The company was created last November by parent company ArcLight Capital Partners and other partners with an investment of $400 million, Kallanish Energy reports


Wine war erupts in western Canada over NW pipeline review

February 13, 2018 0

Don’t’ expect British Columbia and Alberta to raise glasses of wine to toast each other any time soon That because the neighboring provinces are enmeshed in a war over wines and maybe beers and a $7.4 billion pipeline expansion project in western Canada, Kallanish Energy reports.


A look into Argentina’s evolving oil and gas industry

February 6, 2018 0

Argentina, the holder of the second-largest shale gas reserves and fourth-largest shale oil reserves in the world, is surely undergoing a transformational period as the government breaks away from a protectionist regime opening up the hydrocarbons industry to foreign investment. And 2017 is proof of that.


Cuadrilla gets closer to tapping UK shale gas

January 16, 2018 0

The assessment of shale gas resources in the UK is in its infancy, the country’s Oil & Gas Authority (OGA) said in 2013 when launching a report estimating resources at the Bowland shale gas play, located across the north of England, the Isle of Man and parts of North Wales and the Midlands.


NEB issues economics report on Duvernay Shale

January 9, 2018 0

After a successful three-year appraisal program, Chevron Canada Ltd. is beginning development of a portion of its leaseholdings in the Kaybob Duvernay area of western Canada, Kallanish Energy reports.


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