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NS2 project on schedule after new EU rules

by Erika Green

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Construction on the $12 billion Nord Stream 2 (NS2) proceeds according to schedule after the EU passed new laws on natural gas pipelines, Kallanish Energy reports.

A spokesperson said Friday NS2 work on the 745-mile pipeline importing Russian natural gas to Europe “continues in full compliance with applicable legislation and with full support from the financial investors.”

Last Thursday, the EU Parliament ruled all pipelines coming from countries outside the Union are subject to EU laws. Under the new measures, the same company won’t be able to be both owner and supplier, and the Commission will retain exclusive control for agreements and exemptions.

“From now on, all gas pipelines from non-EU countries, including Nord Stream 2, will have to abide by EU rules: third-party access; ownership unbundling; non-discriminatory tariffs; and transparency,” said rapporteur Jerzy Buzek, in a release.

At March 31, more than 560 miles of the line have been laid out by NS2 following current legislation.

“Nord Stream 2 will make a positive contribution to the Energy Union objectives by securing an additional route of gas supply for the import of additional volumes,” Buzek said in an email to Kallanish Energy.

“The gas demand outlook for Europe makes a compelling case for this investment, which is fully compatible with the continued imports of gas through existing routes,” he added.

Earlier this month, the Danish Energy Agency asked for a third proposal for a section of the pipeline going through Denmark’s waters, a move that could potentially delay the project. NS2 had already submitted two possible routes and was still waiting for approval.

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